Q. When is tuition due?

Tuition is due the first class session of each month.

Q.  Will the children take field trips?

Throughout the school year, we will be taking field trips that enrich our learning experience.  Some of these may include trips to Purina Farms, an apple orchard, pumpkin patch, a dentist office, a nature reserve, a library, a police station, and a local greenhouse.

Q.  What is the schedule for the school year?

Classes run from September through May.

Q.  How will I know if school is cancelled?

For inclement weather closings, we generally follow the Union School District's decision as well.  Occasionally, when we determine most roads are safely passable, we will remain open even when the USD is closed.  Either way, you will get a text message from your teacher to inform you if we are open/closed during inclement weather.  Parents are always advised to use their own judgement considering road conditions in deciding whether or not to attend preschool when we remain open.