The purpose of Four Rivers Lutheran School of Music (FRLSM)  is to provide musical instruction and student implementation for the service of the church, with a special emphasis of instruction in the Lutheran heritage of Christian sacred music. In so doing, we will enrich the community’s understanding of Jesus’ life and work of salvation through an increased appreciation and use of Lutheran hymnody.

Four Rivers Lutheran School of Music seeks to provide:

Student introduction to quality Lutheran music

Students will begin to learn Lutheran music using the “Hymns of the Season” David’s Harp series, a book with pieces from the Lutheran Liturgy. As student development progresses, students will learn more advanced Lutheran compositions including pieces from the Lutheran hymnbooks.

Talented music teachers for the Four Rivers rural community

The school’s business headquarters will be located at St. Paul  Lutheran Church in Union, MO. However, for easier student access to teachers, lessons will be held at the many Lutheran churches in the Four Rivers region.

Student opportunities to play at church services and community events

FRLSM will work with local pastors to ensure students get practice within the context of the worship service. Additionally, FRSLM will provide students with playing opportunities at nursing homes and other venues. Seven of our own students who have studied less than a year have already served in worship services.

Tuition assistance

FRLSM is offering financial aid to students who may need it. This ensures that quality teachers will receive an adequate wage and students desiring to grow in our Lutheran heritage will not be held back by financial concerns.

FRLSM is seeking teachers and students!

Please contact Karen Rolland at  for more information.

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