Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs


We believe God is real and living and is the Creator of all things. We believe there is one God who does not change, is not limited by anything and knows all things. We believe there is one divine God who exists in three persons: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. These persons are distinct, yet fully and completely God.

Genesis 1:1Genesis 1:26-27Psalm 90:2Matthew 28:19; 1 Peter 1:2Matthew 3:16-17


We believe that Jesus is the answer to our sinful condition and ruined relationship with God. We believe Jesus was fully man and fully God and that he is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords who traded his heavenly throne to walk this earth. We believe he was born perfect, lived a perfect life, and willing gave himself up by dying on a cross for the sin of all men. We believe he rose from the dead three days later, defeating the power of sin and death. We believe Jesus ascended into heaven and is coming back again to restore all things to perfection.

John 1:1-5John 14:10-14Matthew 1:22-23; Isaiah 9:62 Corinthians 5:17-21Acts 1:9-11

The Holy Spirit

We believe that the Holy Spirit is equal with the Father and the Son and he has come among God’s people to call, gather, enlighten and keep holy the people of God. We believe that it is only through the power of the Holy Spirit that man can be saved and truly believe in the amazing work of Jesus Christ. We believe that, through the Holy Spirit’s presence in our lives, we can fight against our own sinful influences and evil.

John 14:16-17John 16:7-131 Corinthians 3:16Ephesians 1:13-14

The Bible

We believe the Bible is God’s Word to everyone. We believe it was written by men who were inspired by the Holy Spirit. Therefore, we believe that these words are without error and are the infallible words of God. We believe these words tell the true story revealing to us who God is; what his amazing creation is; how he interacts with humanity; and his plan to save us and restore all things to perfection.

2 Timothy 3:16-17Psalm 119:105160Psalm 12:6Proverbs 30:5Psalm 1:1-4Revelation 22:18-19


We believe that all humanity was created in the image of God in a special relationship with God, which has been ruined through sin entering our world through Adam and Eve. We believe, because of that original sin, all humans are born sinful and cannot, without Jesus, free themselves from their sinful condition or restore their relationship with God without Jesus.

Genesis 1:27Romans 3:10-18Romans 3:23Romans 5:12


We believe that baptism was commanded and instituted by Jesus for all people to take part in. We believe that in baptism through the combination of water, God’s word, and the power of the Holy Spirit we are cleansed from all sin, snatched from the hand of Satan, and given eternal life. We believe that through baptism God gives man the gifts that Jesus achieved through his life; victory over suffering, death, and the gift of the resurrection.

Matthew 28:19John 3:5Galatians 3:271 Peter 3:21


In the Lord's Supper, or communion, we hold to the Scriptural truth that in, with, and under the bread and the wine (in ways we cannot fully understand) the true body and blood of Jesus Christ are present. When we partake of Christ's body and blood in the sacrament, He bestows upon us the forgiveness He won for us on the cross and strengthens our faith and life. When we partake of communion, it is not only a time to receive God's gifts but is also a public confession of our unity in belief. Those Christians whose public confession is the same as ours are invited to partake with us at the Lord's Table.

Luke 22:14-201 Corinthians 11:23-251 John 1:7

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